[UPDATE] A new teaser video posted on social media reveals the car is based on the GT 63 S E Performance, but with two suicide doors.


In case you've missed the memo, William James Adams Jr. known by his stage name as "Will.I.Am" is Mercedes-AMG's brand ambassador for electrified cars. When the announcement was made in September 2021, the GT 63 S E Performance took centre stage. They've now collaborated for something truly special that will be revealed on Thursday 5 May. Ok, but what is it?

Well, the side profile previewed in the shadowy teaser image seemingly shows a coupe. We mean that in the truest sense of the meaning as the car appears to have two doors. It has a long bonnet and a fairly short rear reminding us of the S-Class Coupe. However, that car has been discontinued and it wasn't offered with an electrified powertrain anyway.

Mercedes-AMG and Will.I.Am concept teaser
Mercedes-AMG and Will.I.Am concept teaser

It can be one of four things: a bespoke concept, a preview of the next-generation AMG GT Coupe, or a vehicle based on the E-Class Coupe or AMG GT Four-Door Coupe. Regardless, the front fascia will definitely be polarising since it looks unusually chunky for a swoopy coupe. It appears the Black Eyed Peas founder took inspiration from the G63, so we’re wondering how it’s possible to have a cohesive design with such a peculiar combination of styling cues.

According to the rapper, he single-handedly "created a car for Mercedes-AMG." That's a rather bold statement for what will likely be a one-off. The official Will.I.Am page says the unnamed vehicle will "help fund inner-city school engineering programmes to prepare our youth for a technological tomorrow." This tells us an auction could be organised for the electrified vehicle, with proceeds redirected toward a good cause.

The wild contraption is going to follow another radically styled vehicle – the Project Maybach. Unveiled in December 2021, the unique build was created in collaboration with late fashion designer Virgil Abloh. It too was a coupe with a square front end, but with off-road cues like all-terrain tyres, body cladding, and a generous ride height.