If you're among those clamouring for a stick-shift fifth-generation Supra, we're pretty sure you're aware that Toyota has already indulged the world with such for the 2023 model year. The exact details of the six-speed manual transmission – such as its origin and who-developed-what – weren't disclosed at the announcement, but a report from The Drive sheds some light on the mystery.

Speaking to the publication, a Toyota spokesperson has confirmed that the "parts used in the gearbox come from a combination of ZF-manufactured manual transmissions, but the parts combination is exclusive to GR Supra."

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The spokesperson also told The Drive that the Japanese automaker partnered with ZF and BMW for a number of things, including the "design/layout of shift lever/pedal, the decision of final gear ratio, tuning of the intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT) function, and shift feel."

Of note, the BMW Z4 that uses a manual transmission is the 2.0-litre four-banger sDrive20i. That gearbox has a part code GS6L40LZ, while the 2023 Toyota Supra's six-speed MT has a BMW part code of GS6L50TZ. "GS6" refers to the six-speed manual, while "Z" refers to the manufacturer which is ZF. The differences between "L40L" and "L50T" are in their transmission type and gearset, according to The Drive.

Toyota's iMT comes with a rev-match function to ensure that "consistent performance" is delivered when downshifting. The new manual variant also comes with a shorter 3.46 final drive ratio than the AT versions for better take-off and in-gear acceleration.

Unlike the BMW Z4, the 6-speed MT is exclusive to the 3.0-litre inline-six-powered Toyota Supra. If you're eyeing the four-pot Supra, that is still an AT-only offering.

The Toyota Supra Lightweight will reach European dealers later this year. Pricing will be announced in due time.