Urban-Air Port is opening its first Air-One demonstration site that previews plans for a smart vertiport. Urban-Air Port believes its new Air-One Vertiports will be epicentres of the coming green air transportation revolution. With plans to break ground on its very first location, Urban-Air Port hopes to demonstrate the use case for its planned global infrastructure of automated vertiports.

Urban-Air Port plans to build a national network of Air-One Vertiports around the United Kingdom. Their first Air-One Vertiport will open in Coventry where the ambitious project will undergo feasibility testing and real-world data analysis. This innovative project is backed by the UK government to help get things off the ground. According to Urban-Air Port, their network of Air-One Vertiports will allow for the movement of both material goods and people and offer a green automated solution to remedy road congestion, especially in urban settings.

This take on the future of cars is far different than the Alauda Aeronautics Mk3 flying racecar that focuses on pilot engagement and fun.

Urban-Air Port’s first Air-One Vertiport will act as a blueprint for its aggressive expansion plan to build more than 200 sites across the globe. Each site will play host to automated drones that will act as a taxi service for human passengers as well as a hub for air freight which will also be controlled by automated drones. Using automated drones for freight transportation has caught the imagination of companies around globe including shipping company UPS.

Due to the small footprint of the Air-One Vertiport, these unique transportation hubs can fit in several unique locations. Urban-Air Port offers a floating vertiport called marine one, skyscraper topping locations called air one, and finally, locations on the ground called terra one. This versatility means that vertiports can occupy unique locations that current air travel cannot service and allow for larger adoption of green mass air transit to move goods and people.

This focus on infrastructure means that soon the innovative electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles will have the required support to grow into a legitimate source of green mass transportation.

In a statement by Ricky Sandhu to Aviation24.be, Founder and Executive Chairman of Urban-Air Port explained, “The opening of Air-One is a momentous moment – the starting gun for a new age of transport, an age of zero-emission, congestion-free travel between and within cities that will make people healthier, happier and more connected than ever before. Cars have roads. Trains have rails. Planes have airports. Now, eVTOLs have an Urban-Air Port.”