Two-time world champion Alonso made his return to F1 last year with Alpine after spending two seasons out of the series to explore other racing categories.

Alonso scored his first podium since Hungary 2014 at last year’s Qatar Grand Prix, and has been left frustrated by poor luck so far this year, believing he could have been in contention for pole in Australia.

At 40, Alonso is the oldest driver on the F1 grid, but has already signalled that he will look to extend his stay in the series beyond the end of the year when his Alpine contract expires. 

Following the hydraulic failure in Australia that sidelined him in qualifying, Alonso’s difficult run of luck continued last weekend at Imola when contact on the opening lap with Mick Schumacher left him with damage that ultimately ended his race.

But Alonso showed no sign that the frustrating start to the year was making him think twice about his future in F1.

Asked what kept him motivated to continue in F1 given his recent poor luck, Alonso replied: “Because I feel better than the others. 

“When someone comes and I see that [they are] beating me on pure abilities, I see that I'm not good anymore at the starts, I'm not good in preparing the car, or the other side of the garage is one second faster than me and I cannot match those times, maybe I’ll raise my hand and say: 'You know, this is time for me you know to think about something else’.

“But at the moment, I feel the opposite. I love racing.”

Fernando Alonso, Alpine A522

Alonso’s Alpine teammate Esteban Ocon has scored 20 points for the team so far this year, compared to just two from Alonso, who admitted his tally was “painful” to see given his poor luck at times. Ocon has a long-term contract in place with the team that runs to the end of the 2024 season. 

The team also has reserve driver Oscar Piastri, who won last year’s Formula 2 title, looking to secure a drive in F1 next season. Alpine has already indicated that it would be open to loaning Piastri out to another team on the condition it could get him back. 

Alonso said earlier this month that he would look to open talks with Alpine about his future “probably in summer”.

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