BMW is putting the finishing touches on the all-new M2 and just earlier this week we saw a prototype of the model lapping the Nurburgring and being chased by the upcoming M4 CSL. Today, the Bavarian automaker has an official announcement regarding the performance coupe and it comes accompanied by four teaser images. The most interesting part, however, is that the 2023 M2 will be produced in Mexico.

The second-generation M2 will be assembled for the entire world exclusively at BMW’s San Luis Potosí plant. The model is scheduled to hit the assembly lines “at the end of 2022” when it will become the third BMW product to be produced in the same factory. The 3 Series has been on the same production lines since 2019 and the new 2 Series Coupe is also made there. With the addition of the M2, BMW expects to hire additional 800 employees and start a second production shift.

Gallery: 2023 BMW M2 teaser images

The start of production of the new M2 will coincide with the celebrations of the BMW M’s 50th anniversary. “We are very excited to be part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of M, now that our Mexican plant will build M vehicles for the whole world,” Harald Gottsche, President and CEO of BMW’s San Luis Potosí plant, comments.

As for the M2 itself, the new generation of the model is shaping up to become possibly the last pure driver’s performance car. According to preliminary details, it will be available only with rear-wheel drive with the possibility of a six-speed manual gearbox. A modified version of the M4’s 3.0-litre inline-six turbocharged engine will likely be under the bonnet delivering somewhere around 450 bhp in Competition form. Rumours already circulate the internet speculating a more potent version is planned for a release later during the model’s lifecycle.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide an exact debut date for the new M2. We expect the coupe to be launched in the UK as a 2023 model.