The Gallardo had a 10-year production run (2003 to 2013) during which a total of 14,022 cars were assembled. Lamborghini only needed five years to hit that number with the Huracan, which is now celebrating an important milestone. This hardcore Super Trofeo Omologata finished in matte grey and heading to a customer from the Principality of Monaco is the 20,000th example of the naturally aspirated V10 supercar.

The STO is one of the twelve (12!) road versions of the "baby" Lambo, which has also spawned three track-only derivatives. The 13th street-legal variant is on its way as the all-terrain Sterrato will be unveiled in the coming months. The high-riding supercar will be the last V10 machine from the exotic Italian brand without electrification. It will follow the recently introduced Tecnica.

Lamborghini Huracan 20,000th production milestone

Lamborghini had a closer look at the numbers and discovered that 71 percent of Huracan buyers opted for the coupe. The model's main market in these eight years has been the United States with 32 percent of the deliveries, followed by the United Kingdom and Greater China. Despite getting a bit long in the tooth, the mid-engined machine remains as desirable as ever. In fact, 2021 was its best year, with 2,586 cars sold.

As it stands, the Huracan is the most popular Lamborghini ever. However, it's only a matter of time before it will be dethroned by the Urus. In 2021, the 15,000th SUV was assembled, just three years after entering production.

It's unclear whether the rugged Sterrato will mark the end of the line for the Huracan or there will be future hybrid variations of the "entry-level" Lamborghini supercar. Meanwhile, the company has no other way but to build 20 Huracans that were on their way to customers. These perished earlier this year on the Felicity Ace when the cargo ship caught fire before ending on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Because of the same fiery incident, Lamborghini is restarting production of the Aventador by making an extra 15 examples of the Ultimae. In addition, an additional 50 Urus vehicles will have to be built. Speaking of the Super SUV, it's getting two versions in the next month as the final ICE-only models.

From 2023, all products that will be launched by Lamborghini are going to be hybrids, starting with the Aventador replacement. The first-ever EV is set to land around 2028, possibly as a crossover.