A new Volkswagen Amarok midsize pickup truck is in the works. It's a product of the partnership between VW and Ford, and as such, it shares its platform with the current-generation Ranger that debuted last year. We're still waiting for the Amarok to arrive, but in the meantime, the amped-up Ranger Raptor also debuted to the world back in February. For some, it's raised a question: Could a Raptor-esque version of the Amarok be in the cards?

The very short answer to that question is no, according to CarsGuide. The Australia-based news outlet cites a Ford spokesperson speaking to the media last month, effectively shutting down the possibility of a high-performance Amarok using Ranger Raptor parts. The report states that Ranger Raptor technology will remain exclusive to the Ranger, though apparently VW has at least brought up the possibility of creating an Amarok Raptor with Ford. If there's a high-performance Amarok in VW's future, however, it will be of VW's creation.

For now, the new Amarok in standard trim needs to arrive before we can ponder a high-performance model. News on the Amarok front has been curiously quiet this year, with our last whisper of activity coming in the form of spy photos on 23 February. A few days prior to that, VW released a couple of teaser sketches promising to show the truck in near-production form. As you'd expect, there's a strong similarity to the Ranger, especially in the profile view. VW will change up the sheet metal in places, and it will obviously wear a fresh face. Underhood options aren't known, but we believe it will utilise VW diesel power.

Another question is whether the Amarok will ultimately come to the US market. That's also a sharp no, at least at launch and likely for years to come. That could well change, however, if the small and midsize truck segment continues growing in the United States. Recently, VW CEO Herbert Diess was quoted on 60 Minutes as saying the automaker had to become relevant again in the US. With pickup trucks being the best-selling vehicles in the US by a significant margin, one can't help but wonder why VW wouldn't offer a truck in a region where there's such demand for one.