Bugatti will assemble just 500 examples of the Chiron hypercar with the last units expected to leave the factory in Molsheim, France, by the end of this year. All 500 Chirons have been sold, which means there’s no way for anyone to buy a brand new Chiron. The used car market is an option but we won’t blame you if you think spending a few million dollars on a used car is a stupid idea. If you can’t buy your dream car you can always… build it.

We know, that’s an exaggeration, of course, but a team of young Vietnamese gave us the inspiration to believe anyone can own a Bugatti Chiron. We don’t know whether there’s a single actual Chiron delivered to a customer from Vietnam, but we know this replica is one of the coolest we’ve ever seen. It was built from the ground up not using components from other vehicles, aside from the Toyota-sourced engine.

The video at the top of this page summarises more than a year of hard work for the talented folks. These 47 minutes will show you many of the stages through which the project went, from the very beginning to the moment the Bugatti replica was ready to be driven. And, honestly, we are amazed by the engineering work, the similarities with the original, and the quality of the execution. Simply brilliant job!

These folks are absolute kings of the clay, managing to reproduce the shapes of the Chiron inside and out in very good detail. The level of creativity is also stunning with the team, for example, using gaming chairs as sports bucket seats in the cabin. The headlights are cheap aftermarket units, though their design creates the best possible Bugatti appearance for the front end. And the rear end is simply phenomenal – as close to the original Chiron as one could imagine.

As you can see from the video, the project is not completed. The interior needs a lot of work as it is still very rough. Seeing how good the team is, however, we have no doubt the cabin will be at least as cool as the exterior. Keep up the brilliant job, folks!