What does it take to beat a Tesla Model S Plaid in a drag race? To find out Brooks Weisblat of the DragTimes YouTube channel decided to challenge Herman Young of Demonology to a drag race. Herman brought along his heavily modified Dodge Demon to see if it has what it takes to beat out a stock Tesla Model S Plaid in a quarter-mile drag race.

The new Tesla Model S Plaid debuted in June of 2021 as the most powerful Tesla to date. The Tesla Model S Plaid is one of the most powerful mass-production vehicles ever built thanks to its clever tri-motor all-wheel-drive setup. With one motor powering the front axle and an electric motor powering each wheel, the Tesla Model S Plaid boasts 1,020 bhp (761 Kilowatts) and 1050 lb-ft (1,424 Newton metres) of torque.

The Tesla Model S Plaid isn’t simply a normal model S with an extra electric motor and receives a host of an upgrade over the normal Model S. The electric motors used in the Model S Plaid are a brand-new design that is all permanent-magnet synchronous AC motors. These advanced electric motors feature a carbon fibre shell that encases the motor’s rotor section for added strength and lower weight. These motors can spin up to 20,000 rpm which is about 25% faster than previous iterations of Tesla’s electric motors.

Tesla claims a 0 to 60 mph time of 1.99 seconds making it the quickest production vehicle on sale today. A normal Tesla model S achieves the same feat in 3.1 seconds however it’s important to note that on the Tesla website the Plaid’s time has roll out subtracted while the normal Model S does not. This approach makes the Plaid seem quicker when in reality the normal Model S is an impressive machine in its own right.

To take on the Tesla Model S Plaid we have Demonology’s heavily modified Dodge Demon. When it debuted, the Dodge Demon was a seriously impressive car, however, stock was not enough for Herman of Demonology. His current build is a stripped-down race car with a new drag racing specific transmission, larger supercharger, Ice water cooling system, and drag-specific wheel and tyre setup. This Dodge Demon makes over 1,200 bhp (895 Kilowatts) but is it enough to beat the Tesla Model S Plaid in a drag race?