A dirty yellow Chevy Camaro and a race track – if you're expecting a hot lap from this Bumble Bee-inspired muscle car, you're terribly wrong.

In today's video, the folks from Garage 54 went bananas and tried to wash a moving car. As this video comes from the guys who brought us a 14-wheeled Lada and a half-gas, half-diesel power plant, you shouldn't be expecting anything less crazy.

The stunt started with the fifth-generation Camaro behind the van, which has open doors and windows for obvious windows. The first step is to cover the car with soap, which they were struggling to do so initially despite running rather slowly. They then managed to complete the task eventually and moved on to the next step – power washing the soap out of the coupe's body.

It was, again, challenging at first but they were able to complete the task anyway with some perseverance.

Now, on to drying. If you think Garage 54 would risk their lives and hand dry the Camaro using microfiber towels while moving, you should remember that these guys aren't that insane. They just did a hot lap with the wet car, because, you know, that's the most logical thing to do here.

At the end of the challenge, Garage 54 was able to prove that washing a moving car is possible but dangerous. There were times when half of the presenter's body is out of the moving van just to complete the task, which is, of course, something that you shouldn't do on public roads.

As always, take this video as a form of entertainment, rather than an encouragement to imitate the challenge on your own. These crazy stunts were done by "professionals" and "scientists" who don't have anything better to do with their time.