Drifting is something that's natural with the Toyota GR86 and its predecessors. It has a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout, which is the perfect recipe to slide around – whether on a race track or the gruelling twisties of Mount Akina in Japan.

That's why this drifting video of the Toyota GR86 isn't exactly a special surprise. We all know that these cars can do it, but what made this video brilliant was how it was made. If you're wondering so after watching the 30-second footage above, the Japanese automaker treats us with a behind-the-scenes video, which you can watch below.

Probably the person with the toughest job in this shoot wasn't the drivers; they were trained to be able to drift at will. It wasn't the director as well, because how hard was it to frame three cars going sideways on a closed race track?

It was the job of the drone pilot that was the most challenging. As you should have seen by now, the part where the camera went through the cars wasn't some kind of Hollywood magic. The drone really had to do that in real life. The job was so tough that there were takes where the drone actually hit the cars instead of going through the windows. A crazy stunt, if you ask us.

Just in case you're wondering what "The FR" meant, it's the way Toyota wants to represent the layout of these three cars. It means "front-engine" and "rear-wheel-drive," which was a recipe that goes as far back as the AE86 Trueno. Initial D fans would know.

More than the cars themselves, we salute the drone pilot hired for this 30-second video. You're the real MVP here and we're glad Toyota has released a behind-the-scenes video to celebrate your efforts.