We've had numerous sightings of camouflaged seventh-generation Ford Mustangs prototypes in recent weeks, prowling the streets around Ford headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. Now, a leaked image could give us an unexpected preview of the 2024 Mustang, at least from a front-end perspective.

The folks at Ford Authority recently posted an image that reportedly came to them from an anonymous source. It appears to show the next-gen Mustang's face fully revealed, and from what we see in the Facebook post embedded below, it looks legitimate. Such leaks sometimes disappear from the internet as quickly as they appear, so we have no idea how long this one will stay active.


Our spy photo sightings suggest Ford will take an evolutionary approach with the next Mustang's design, and this image supports that theory. Cleaner lines are prevalent throughout the front end, with thin headlights flanking a grille that looks a bit smaller and less angular. Further down, the vertically oriented corner vents of the current Mustang give way to smaller rectangular vents that line up neatly with the lower grille opening. Angles for the upper and lower grilles look identical, bringing symmetry to the design.

Ford will almost certainly offer minor stylistic differences between Mustang trim levels for the seventh generation, just as it does now. Looking closely at the corners of the lower fascia, we see body lines that could outline larger vents for a GT model. That would certainly offer greater visual separation between trim levels, and it also leads us to believe this particular photo shows a base model. That's further supported by what we can see of the five-spoke wheels, which look quite similar to the standard wheels of the current EcoBoost model.

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We expect the seventh-generation Ford Mustang to debut in 2023 as a 2024 model. We already know that V8 power will return, both in spy videos featuring an audible V8 soundtrack and through direct words from a Ford executive. The EcoBoost powertrain should return as well, and a hybrid model is possible. As for a fully electric Mustang coupe, that may not happen until the eighth-generation pony.