Ferrari's lineup of supercars will grow later this month when the Italian automaker launches a new model. The company hasn't said which model it'll reveal, but the lone teaser image that Ferrari has released suggests that it'll be the 296 GTS, the convertible sibling to the 296 GTB coupe.

The lone teaser image doesn't show much, but it's enough for us to guess what car Ferrari plans to debut. The highlighted body lines in the teaser match those of the 296 GTB's rear quarter panel intake and pillar. However, that pillar connects to nothing in the photos as this car is a new convertible. The teaser image also captures a position of the car's curvy rear quarter panel that's clearly visible.

Gallery: Ferrari 296 GTS Spy Photos

While Ferrari is only teasing a small section, spy shots have captured the full car, and it won't look too different from the 296 GTB at the front. The 296 GTS will carry over the GTB's face virtually unchanged because most changes are at the rear to accommodate the folding hardtop. Camouflage has hidden the design changes back there, but it appears as if Ferrari is repositioning the brake light, shrinking the rear glass, and tweaking the rear deck's design.

The convertible will use the same twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre hybrid V6 that produces a combined 818 bhp (610 kilowatts) and 546 pound-feet (740 Newton-metres) of torque. The 296 GTS should also retain the coupe's impressive performance figures, which can hit 62 miles per hour (100 kilometres per hour) in just 2.9 seconds. The 296 GTB can hit 124 mph (200 kph) before topping out at 205 mph (330 kph). The GTS should be close to those numbers.

Ferrari will reveal the 296 GTS on 19 April, according to its Facebook post attached to the teaser, which is long before we see another Ferrari model debut this year – the Purosangue. The 296 GTS and Purosangue couldn't be more different, but the two are vital parts of the company's plans – electrification and a crossover. However, we're excited to see both new cars from the brand.