Chrysler is one of the automotive brands that want to go fully electric before the end of the decade. However, the American company still doesn’t have a production EV in its lineup but that will change in 2025 when the first-ever electric Chrysler for the masses will be launched. The brand hinted at its plans during 2022 CES in January this year with the Airflow concept and now an updated version of the same electric prototype makes its debut.

During the early stages of the development of the concept, several potential design variants were created, including what Chrysler calls the Airflow Graphite concept. It’s basically the same vehicle as before – especially underneath the skin – but with a slightly modified front end and a different finish. The most notable difference at the front is the different front grille lighting element, which lacks an outline of the winged Chrysler badge. 

Gallery: Chrysler Airflow Graphite Concept

Also worth noting is that the exterior of the vehicle is now painted in Galaxy Black colour, inspired by “a sophisticated urban mindset that feels at home navigating amid big city skylines.” Cyprus Copper accents can be seen on the upper door edges and select surfaces of the 22-inch wheels, which have the same overall design as the previous version of the concept.

Inside the cabin, the dominating colour is Ice Grey with contrasting trim in the same Cyprus Copper hue. Chrysler promises premium features and finishes all around the cabin, creating a “comfortable space between home and work.” As in the older Airflow concept, the electric vehicle features individual screens for each interior occupant and the infotainment system can receive over-the-air software updates. Each passenger can even perform video calls with the built-in cameras.

The concept’s tech highlight has to be the so-called STLA AutoDrive system, which allows for Level 3 semi-autonomous driving. Developed in cooperation with BMW, it consists of a driver-assistance suite of systems that allow the driver to let the vehicle take all the decisions on the road in certain circumstances, including freeway or limited-access highway driving. It basically allows the driver to take their hands off the steering wheel and engage in other activities.

As mentioned above, the powertrain of the Airflow Graphite is unchanged from the older version of the concept. This means there are two electric motors, one for each axle, providing an all-wheel-drive capability and a peak output of about 400 bhp (300 kilowatts).

However, the design allows for even larger and more powerful electric drive motors to be installed, potentially hinting at a high-performance version. At a single charge, this electric Chrysler could travel between 350 and 400 miles (563 and 643 kilometres), according to estimations.