Since 2021, spy photographers have been spotting the next-generation BMW X1. So far, the new crossover was spotted along public roads, in car parks, and on ice. This time around, the crossover went to the Nurburging for a shakedown.

Gallery: Next-gen BMW X1 Nurburgring shakedown

The X1 doing laps around the track appears to be the non-M Performance version. The lack of four tailpipes at the back seems to confirm this. It doesn't look like the electric iX1, either. There are no ports present on this car, suggesting that it is not a plug-in hybrid. What we're looking at could be the standard, fuel-fed version.

But much like before, the X1 wears its production-ready headlights and tail lights. The photos won't tell us much about the redesigned X1's handling. However, additional data from the test should make the crossover drive better. Since the third-generation X1 will ride on the Mini platform (BMW's UKL architecture), it should be a decent steer.

We rendered what the crossover might look like under the camouflage. It seems that BMW will take a cautious approach to the all-new X1. Like most BMW models, the grille is more prominent than before, but it won't have the 'buck tooth' look similar to the XM performance crossover. The future X1 will likely have vertical corner air intakes and rakish headlights. It could also grow a few centimetres for the next generation. For reference, the current X1 is 4,439 mm (174.8 inches) long, 1,821 mm (71.7 inches) wide, and 1,612 mm (63.5 inches) tall.

There is no mention of the powertrain configurations just yet. However, we could expect an array of mild hybrid turbo petrol and diesel engines. But given BMW's push toward electrification, a plug-in hybrid model could be in the works. That said, the M Performance 35i and electric iX1 models are pretty much confirmed.