Art cars are usually made for the sake of, well, art. It's a product of imagination and expression – either from the owner or the automotive brand itself. But if you expect an art car to be a slow vehicle, we can't blame you. They are usually not the vehicles you look at when you want to hoon around.

Well, the keyword here is usually because there have to be exceptions, such as this – a Jaguar XJR-6 supercharged saloon. Even better, it can be yours in case you're up for something fast and wildly eccentric.

Gallery: Jaguar XJR-6 Art Car For Sale

This Jaguar XJR-6 is listed up for sale on the Obscure Cars for Sale group on Facebook, and rightfully so. It's a peculiar-looking sedan 1996 model and has been driven for 151,000 miles (243,011 kilometres) according to the listing. It doesn't have an asking price but the seller encourages buyers to make an offer. According to the seller, it's "an absolutely beautiful art car that would make a great daily driver or Burning Man chariot."

For the uninitiated, the XJR-6 (or just XJR) is the high-performance version of the X300 generation of the Jaguar XJ, made during the company's stint under Ford. It's the first Jaguar to be supercharged right off the factory.

Differing from the later V8-powered XJR, the XJR-6 uses the six-cylinder AJ16 engine of this XJ generation, except that it's using an Eaton M90 supercharger for forced induction. The resulting power outputs are 321 bhp (239 kilowatts) and 378 pound-feet (512 Newton-metres) of torque.

There are more photos of the XJR-6 art car for sale on the Facebook group listing. You need to be a member of the group, though, before you can access those images and send the seller a message.