Caton is a newly launched boutique British sports car brand that is preparing to launch a two-seater with styling inspiration from the 1950s. The full debut is at Salon Privé London that runs from April 21 to 23.

There's only a single teaser image of Caton's first model. From what's visible, there's rounded styling and a simple, wraparound windscreen. To us, there seems to be some inspiration from the Jaguar C-Type (comparison below), except that there appears to be a more prominent point at the tail for the Caton.

Caton British Sports Car Teaser
Jaguar Classic C-Type Suede Green Side

 “It is an exciting precision reincarnation of an icon, one that will set new standards in coachbuilding," said Tim Strafford, CEO of Caton’s vehicle building partner, Envisage Group.

Caton isn't just making a continuation series of a classic model. The company intends to use the original as a starting point but apply the latest technology and manufacturing methods to the vehicle. The resulting vehicle retains a retro look but has tweaks to make it more user-friendly for owners.

Caton says that the tooling for the vehicle has tolerances down to 0.2 millimetres (0.008 inches). The company is also employing craftspeople using English Wheels to form the aluminium body panels by hand.

Introducing modern technology to the interior might indicate that the Caton sports car could have an infotainment screen because this is an expected feature on current models. Even digital gauges are a possibility.

The only thing Caton is saying about the vehicle's powertrain is that there's a significant performance upgrade over the original. Although, we don't yet know exactly what model is this sports car's inspiration, making it hard to estimate the amount of power. There's no mention that this vehicle has a combustion engine, so we can't rule out electric drive.

In its announcement, Caton says that it plans to work in the "automotive sector and beyond." The release mentions furniture as something the brand might work on later. These other items would come from a similar ethos of taking a classic product and incorporating modern updates.