The BMW 1 Series has a refresh on the way. With its quad exhaust tips, these shots appear to show us the updated M135i. Although, the brand might revive the M140i name for this model, according to our spies.

The engineers load this 1 Series in camouflage, and the covering does a good job of concealing what's new. The brand usually makes tweaks to the front fascia's styling when updating a vehicle, but it's not possible to discern any adjustments at this time. The headlights appear to have a rounder, less angular shape than the existing design.

Gallery: BMW 1 Series Spy Shots Possibly M140i

As with most vehicle refreshes, there are no major alterations along the sides. The spoiler on the rear portion of the roof seems to have a steeper angle.

Like the rest of the car, BMW's development team slathers the back with camouflage. The quad exhaust pipes are most the noticeable difference in comparison to the existing M135i, which has a single outlet emerging from each corner of the tail.

The last batch of refreshed 1 Series spy shots we saw showed a less performance-focused version. Compared to this one, there was a taller ride height and smaller brakes, especially at the rear. These factors lend further credence to the variant in these new photos being the replacement for the sporty M135i.

There aren't pictures of the updated 1 Series' interior yet. It might gain the latest iDrive 8 infotainment system to keep the vehicle up to date.

Details about any updates to the powertrain range aren't available yet. While it wouldn't be for the M135i (or M140i, whatever BMW calls this model), there's a rumour that the updated 1 Series range might gain a plug-in hybrid.

The debut date for the refreshed 1 Series range is still a mystery. We don't expect it until 2023, though, because of the updates to the M135i for the 2022 model

The previous M140i went away with a special edition in 2019. It boasted a turbocharged six-cylinder 3.0-litre engine driving the rear wheels.