For some reason, we haven't seen many April Fool's Day jokes from automakers this year, but Honda UK has a gag that we wish could be real. The Dog Co-Pilot Front Seat lets your pup safely ride up front, and even gives your canine some useful amenities.

The dog-friendly front seat has an extra-long base that gives your pup enough space to stretch out. The backrest has attachment points for a harness to keep your pet secure.

With the useful stuff out of the way, Honda adds some fun stuff, too. Two recessed areas are the right size for fitting bowls. The seat's side bolsters have air conditioning vents in them so that your pet stays cool, even when driving on a hot day. In case, the pup gets bored a squeaker toy attaches to the seat.

The most fanciful feature is a treat dispenser in the glovebox with a button the dog can push to get one. Let's hope there's a time delay between uses because our pets would be trying to get a snack constantly.

In its announcement, Honda promises to introduce custom passenger seats for other pets. Variants for cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and even fish are also on the way (well, not really). The company even mentions a multi-tiered design for travelling with gerbils. By 2024, it says there would be a version for horses, which would presumably include a raised roof.

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While the Dog Co-Pilot Front Seat isn't real, the automaker actually has quite a few canine-focused accessories as part of its Honda Dog line in Japan. It even includes a carrier that fits in the front seat. There are also various seat protectors and baskets.

Lots of companies offer pet-friendly accessories, but a dealer network in Japan sells the Dog Van. It's a customised Toyota HiAce with extenders in the rear footwell that considerably expands the area they have to walk around. In the back, there are eight movable sections that pups can use as a place to sleep or create room for the pet's cage. A window screen lets fresh air into the cabin without letting your dog jump out.