Seeing one McLaren F1 is a rare enough experience, but Jodie Kidd checks out seven of them at the Retromobile show in France. Her tour guide is the high-end car dealer and collector Simon Kidston.

Naturally, things start at the beginning. Kidd and Kidston check out Mclaren F1 XP3. This experimental prototype is the earliest example of the supercar still in existence. Creator Gordon Murray also used this one as his personal car.

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Next, they move to an F1 GTR race car. This one is now road legal. Kidston notes that driving these on the street can be tough because there is no air conditioning and the windows don't open. It's wouldn't be a fun ride on a hot day.

They then check out a black F1 that Kidston has a history with. He was the auctioneer when the buyer bought this car and brought it to the UK. Later, Kidston bought it.

Going from a black example to a white one. This F1 has only around 932 miles (1,500 kilometres) on it.

The next example is an extremely rare F1 Longtail road car. This is McLaren's prototype for the model, and there are just two production examples. 

They then check out the F1 Longtail race car.

Saving the best for last, they move to George Harrison's purple, bespoke F1. The famous musician was friends with Gordon Murray and commissioned a uniquely styled car. Harrison was a Hindu and covered the vehicle with the Aum symbol. Also, a tiny panel behind the driver's seat opens to reveal an illuminated statue of Ganesha.

Harrison's F1 hasn't been on public display since 1995, according to Kidston. Kidd seems to get real joy out of the opportunity to sit in it.

The final stop on the tour is a look at some F1 memorabilia. For example, Fender and McLaren made a unique guitar in a purple finish and a carbon fibre pickguard that matched his car. They even included an amplifier made to fit in the vehicle's storage area.

They also check out the Snap-On tool chest that has bespoke-fit tools and a modem for letting technicians remotely diagnose issues with the car. Each of them also came with a Tag Heuer watch.