Before we even get past the first sentence, know that we absolutely do not recommend folks jump their Ford Bronco, or anything not designed to leave the ground. Therein lies the grey area, because we've certainly seen off-road vehicles airborne on multiple occasions. Heck, Ford even released an official photo of its new Bronco Raptor with all four wheels off the ground. But this video doesn't feature a Raptor, and it's decidedly unofficial.

In fact, the video comes from the YouTube channel The Story Till Now and it features a 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands. It's a beefy off-roader for sure, but it doesn't have the Bronco Raptor's upgrades. However, it does have something that elevates this jump attempt a notch or two above typical YouTube tomfoolery. And we aren't simply talking about proper dirt ramps.

The jump is orchestrated by freestyle motocross superstar Bruce Cook. If that name sounds familiar, you may recall him crashing very hard attempting a double front flip on a dirt bike several years ago at a Nitro Circus event. The crash broke his back, leaving him paralysed from the waist down but he literally got back up and eventually became the first paraplegic to land a motorcycle backflip. So yeah, Cook knows a thing or two about jumping – and surviving.

As such, the 12-minute video offers plenty of lead-up to the big event. The ramps are scrutinised. The weather is evaluated. Cook does a handbrake turn in a dead Volkswagen Golf because that's what you do in a Golf. Eventually, the conditions are good for a jump but Cook isn't just supervising the action. Using a specially designed universal hand control for the accelerator and brake pedals, he drives the Bronco himself.

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And honestly, he makes it look dangerously easy. There's no drama on the run-up, and the speed is perfect. From start to finish, the SUV covers just over 43 feet (13 metres) in the air, landing very gently on the front wheels first, followed shortly by the back. Considering the ramps are over 10 feet in the air, it's actually far more impressive than it looks. In a world of ill-conceived car stunts executed recklessly for video clicks, this one is a keeper.

Still, we absolutely advise you to not try this at home. That is, unless you're a professional who learned the very hard way the consequences of a jump gone wrong.