Bugatti Rimac is opening a new engineering and design centre in Berlin, but the big news from the event is the company teasing a pair of future models. In an image showing the automaker's design director Achim Anscheidt and chief technical officer Emilio Scervo, the covers over two of the models show the Rimac and Buggati emblems respectively.

The vehicle with the Rimac cover is sitting next to a Nevera, which creates a great opportunity to compare them. The general shape is similar, but it appears that the forthcoming product has more prominent wing/fender flares and a bigger rear wing. Given the styling correlation, this machine might be a hotter variant of the Nevera.

Gallery: Bugatti Rimac to Open New Berlin Design and Engineering Hub

Anscheidt is standing in front of the model with the Bugatti cover. You can make out the shape of the horseshoe grille, but the rest of the design isn't visible.

While we don't get as good of a look at it, there's more information available about the future Bugatti than what Rimac is working on. Company boss Mate Rimac confirms that the Chiron successor continues to use a combustion engine while being "heavily electrified." He also indicates it has never-before-seen features on a production car.

Bugatti intends to start showing the design of the new model to its wealthy clients in 2022 as a way to gather orders. The public doesn't get to see the hypercar until 2024.

The new facility in Berlin will handle the design and engineering for the next generation of Bugatti and Rimac products. It will also be the home of the new German subsidiary company Bugatti Rimac GmbH with resources for procurement, finance, programme management, IT, legal, and marketing.

Rimac is also building a new headquarters near Zagreb, Croatia, that should open in 2023. The location will build vehicles, in addition to being a hub for research and development. It'll have features like a test track and rooftop garden. The automaker intends for approximately 2,500 employees to work there when construction is complete.

Bugatti will continue to produce its vehicles at the existing facility in Molsheim, France.