Spy shots from over a month ago caught both the Mercedes-AMG C63 saloon and estate out testing with less camouflage than ever before. Mercedes kept some coverings to hide the important styling changes at the front and rear, and a new spy video capturing both variants testing at the Nurburgring shows that the company isn’t ready to peel back more of it.

The two videos, which capture the cars on the track and the surrounding roads, show the drivers pushing the two models hard. There are squealing tyres and the rumbles of the cars’ exhaust note, which won’t have those thundering eight cylinders behind it anymore. The next AMG C63 will have a hybrid powertrain.

Mercedes has opted to forgo the V8 for a hybrid 2.0-litre four-cylinder. It will sport an electric turbocharger and an electric motor, which will power the wheels. The new setup will allegedly produce as much as 600 bhp. That’s a lot of power, but the powertrain means the model will only come with the nine-speed automatic gearbox. There won’t be a manual.

The camouflage hides the car’s finer details, but the distinctive and aggressive face and quad tailpipes give away the car’s AMG underpinnings. The car wears AMG’s Panamericana grille with vertical slats, which is also mimicked in the lower grille opening.

The new Mercedes will get an interior that falls in line with its other recent debuts, especially the S-Class, which already has an interior that’s already proliferating throughout the Mercedes lineup. The car will feature a digital screen on the dash for the instrument cluster with a larger screen positioned lower on the instrument panel to serve as the car’s infotainment centre. It’s a stylish place that should come packed with the latest tech and creature comforts.

Mercedes hasn’t said when it would introduce the new AMG C63. We expect Mercedes will begin by introducing the less-potent AMG C53 before rolling out the AMG C63 closer to the end of the year. The latest spy shots and videos show Mercedes is making progress in its development, with the cars now wearing production headlights.

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