When you watch this video of a Volkswagen exploding, it will be hard to believe nobody was injured as a result. Every explosion is violent – that's sort of the point – but this one seems especially so. Perhaps it's because there's no fireball with this particular incident. And yes, there wasn't a single injury despite two people standing right next to the car.

The incident occurred on March 16 in the outskirts of Fortaleza, in the northeast region of Brazil. According to a report from Metrópoles, the vehicle in question was at a petrol station when a natural gas cylinder inside the car catastrophically exploded, and we mean cat-a-strophic. Security camera footage (embedded at the top of this post) captured the incident, showing two men standing in front of a third-generation Volkswagen Voyage saloon with the bonnet open. One moment everything was fine, and the next, the back of the car was just gone.

It appears the VW had an illegal compressed natural gas conversion. The Daily Mail reports the car was being refuelled with natural gas when it exploded. A stream of fuel is clearly visible at the rear of the car after the explosion, which disappears when a person shuts the pump off. The report says the vehicle owner installed a CNG system with an irregular tank and didn't have a mandatory safety inspection. The station could also be in trouble, as workers apparently didn't check for proper seals or certificates verifying the conversion.

In the meantime, an investigation is underway because the tank – or what's left of it – was nowhere to be found. It reportedly landed 60 metres away, damaging a wall and another car when it fell back to earth. However, when the fire department went to get it a few hours later, someone apparently made off with it.

As for the poor Volkswagen, it appears this Voyage's voyage is well and truly over.