An Instagrammer caught an overly aggressive BMW M2 G87 last week and our spies have now spotted the very same prototype waiting at a red light. Thankfully, we have much better pictures than before, allowing us to take a good look at Bavaria's smallest M car. We're already familiar with the square air intakes at the front, but the car's rear still takes some time to get used to.

Mind you, this is not a standard M2. Instead, it has been decked out with optional parts from the M Performance catalogue. Chief of which is the wild-looking quad exhaust with stacked tips mounted in the centre. It's not a new look as BMW introduced this setup for the bigger M4 Coupe in September 2020 when it also showed the M3 Saloon with this somewhat unusual layout.

Gallery: 2023 BMW M2 with M Performance exhaust spy photos

Then there's the big spoiler mounted on the boot lid to further denote this isn't your run-of-the-mill M2. It too will be an extra M Performance goodie since the standard car will have a far more subtle spoiler lip in the same vein as the M240i's. Elsewhere, massive brakes with blue callipers accentuate the prototype is a step up from the M Performance model.

Even without looking at the exterior, you'll be able to tell the M2 apart from the lesser versions of the 2 Series Coupe. That's because the flagship version will be the only one to get the iDrive 8 with the pair of screens sitting next to each other, à la Mercedes. Honestly, we can't remember the last time a car manufacturer offered two different generations of an infotainment within the same model lineup at the same time. These transitions usually take place with a car's successor or its mid-cycle facelift, but not when the range-topping variant is launched.

Questionable design and tech choices aside, we can all applaud BMW for saving the manual. Yes, the new M2 will still be offered with three pedals as standard while an automatic will be optional to please both worlds. The feisty coupe will inherit the twin-turbo S58 engine from the M4, but obviously dialled down to avoid cannibalising sales. In the M2 Competition, the 3.0-litre, inline-six mill should boast approximately 450 bhp. That would be in the same area as the previous M2 CS and its 444-bhp punch.

The world premiere is certainly taking place this year to celebrate half a century of the M division. BMW has some other big guns in its 2022 arsenal, including the M3 Touring, M4 CSL, and the XM plug-in hybrid SUV in production guise. This year will already go down in history as the year when the German luxury brand announced plans to bring Alpina underneath its corporate umbrella, which also includes Mini, Rolls-Royce, and BMW Motorrad.