Ever wondered how a 1020 bhp Model S Plaid would perform when covered in armor? Us neither, but regardless we now have an answer thanks to Armormax. Taking a stock Model S Plaid, the specialist firm added bulletproof windows as well as reinforced struts and body panels throughout. 

You wouldn't be able to tell the car was armoured at first glance, however taking a look inside reveals thick windows and various other minor giveaways. The doors themselves are also heavier, unsurprisingly, however they are still easy to open and close. 

YouTuber Ben Hardy was given a chance to take the armoured Plaid for a drive, and found performance was barely impacted by the extra weight. Autopilot worked as usual too. 

All in all, around 136 kg (300 lbs) of armour was added. Considering the Plaid weighs 2,189 kg (4,828 lbs) to begin with, that's not a lot in the grand scheme of things. Hence Ben concluded that he couldn't tell the difference between the armoured Plaid and the regular version. 

So, how much would it set you back to coat your Plaid in bullet-resistant armour? Well, according to Armormax prices vary depending on individual specification, although their website states the average package costs around $60,000 (approx. £45,500) on top of the price of the vehicle. Therefore the Plaid in the video is probably worth at least $200,000 (£150,000).