We don’t have to tell you that trying to perform any type of stunt on a public road is just plain idiotic. Even if it's done when there's no traffic, you're still exposing yourself to huge risks. It's especially reckless when you jump the car without seeing where you're supposed to land. Such was the case with the driver of a 2018 Tesla Model S who had the brilliant idea of going airborne on Sunday morning in Los Angeles.

The dangerous stunt took place at 12:10 AM at the intersection of Baxter and Alvarado streets in California. Many bystanders caught the jump on camera and quickly took to Twitter to share the spectacular footage. To no one's surprise, the black electric saloon was heavily damaged. Footage of the aftermath shows all the airbags were deployed at the moment of impact.


Adding insult to injury, the person driving the Model S didn't even own the car. Indeed, it was a rental. He fled the scene in a different Tesla and now the police are trying to find him. Through the Hit and Run Reward Program Trust Fund, the law enforcement in LA is offering a $1,000 reward to members of the community if they can help identify the perpetrator, ultimately leading to his apprehension.

The driver has already been charged with a hit-and-run, and detectives will be in contact with the rental company to obtain more information. It's safe to say he was quite lucky since he got out of the car safe and sound, despite a violent landing à la Dukes of Hazzard. He slammed into several trash cans as well as a couple of parked cars.

It shouldn't take the police too long to catch the amateur stuntman as they've received more than 50 tips regarding the driver's identity. The Los Angeles Police Department Central Traffic tweeted:

"Over 90% of the tips are of the same person who has a TikTok handle of @dominykas or @durtedom on Twitter. He is considered a person of interest based on the public postings on his account."

LA Police has already reached out to him and is asking community members to stop sending tips about who was driving the Model S. Apparently, witnesses claim he wasn't all alone in the car as there were passengers and even a stray cat for some reason.