In a comparison between a track race and a drag race, logic tells us that the former is more dangerous than the latter. A full-fledged circuit requires more precision in handling and techniques honed for years, while a straight-line race relies heavily on the driver's reaction time and the capabilities of the machine.

However, if you think that drag races aren't dangerous, you're wrong and we have a video to prove that. As you can see in the footage embedded above, courtesy of YouTube's Turnpike Racing League, two Audi R8 coupes (one black, one white) lined up at a drag strip for a typical drag race.

As the race began, it was obvious that the black one was seemingly unstable. Mid-way through the sprint, the driver of the black R8 lost control and wobbled, ending up in a head-on collision onto the drag strip's wall.

The impact of the crash was massive and you could see debris flying through the air. To say that the driver of the Audi was rattled after that crash is an understatement. You could see the supercar still lurching forward after bouncing from the impact.

We aren't sure whether the driver was okay after that horrible crash. One of the commenters on the video said that he was there when the accident happened. The announcer allegedly said that the driver was okay, only suffering bruises from the incident.

Let this serve as a stark reminder that no matter what type of race you're getting into, it's still motorsport. This means dangers are part of the deal.

That said, drag races are not supposed to be done on public roads. It's a safety risk that could harm other road users, innocently trying to reach their destinations.