Porsche's annual press conference was quite eventful since it included a number of important announcements. Company CEO Oliver Blume took the stage to reconfirm the 911 Hybrid is coming soon, complete with technology adapted from the Le Mans-winning 919 Hybrid. In addition, the head honcho mentioned the 718 Boxster/Cayman replacement will be EV-only and it'll arrive in 2025. These are stepping stones to a greater electrification goal.

Come 2025, the peeps from Zuffenhausen want plug-in hybrids and EVs to account for half of its sales. Although not specified, the percentage likely also takes into consideration the non-PHEV 911 Hybrid expected to arrive before the middle of the decade. Fast forward to 2030, purely electric cars alone are projected to represent more than 80 percent of the company's total deliveries.

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Before that happens, Porsche is hard at work preparing the next Macan. Based on the PPE platform co-developed with Audi, the electric crossover entered the testing phase in May 2021 and will get its market launch next year. Approximately three million test kilometres (1.86M miles) will have been conducted by the time it goes on sale. Much like the Taycan, it'll benefit from 800-volt architecture to enable quick-charging capabilities at up to 350 kW.

The EV's arrival won't kill the gasoline-fuelled version right away. The vehicle's product line boss, Sebastian Staiger, suggested in an interview last year with Autocar the conventionally powered model will be dropped at some point in 2024. In other words, the two faces of the Macan will peacefully coexist for approximately two years before the ICE's demise.

Its underpinnings are being developed for rear- and all-wheel-drive models with one and two electric motors, respectively. PPE is seen as a more evolved MEB platform by supporting rear-wheel steering, air suspension, and torque vectoring. For the AWD-equipped models, the front-mounted motor will kick in only when its extra power is going to be necessary. Otherwise, the cars will remain in RWD mode to maximise efficiency.

Elsewhere, the 718 EV will take after last year's Mission R, but eschew the concept's platform adapted from the current Cayman to get all-new underpinnings tailored to EVs. Much like the Macan, it too is expected to offer AWD since the showcar from the 2021 IAA Munich had a pair of electric motors. The concept was technically a race car, meaning the road-going version won't be as extreme.

Porsche remains tight-lipped about the Panamera and Cayenne, but logic tells us both will stick around in the years to come as Porsche's only PHEVs. Further down the line, Porsche has repeatedly said the 911 will be the company's last car to go fully electric. It will inevitably happen, but not before 2030.