Once the Volkswagen ID Buzz goes on sale in 2023, we’re pretty sure someone will attempt to make something like the vehicle in this rendering - a pickup version. VW has no plans to make a pickup out of the Buzz, even if there’s a good chance it would actually end up being popular.

Maybe not the single-cab like this, but a crew cab that can carry five and have an open bed in the back would surely quickly find fans. The manufacturer could go one further and offer a more off-road-ready version with raised suspension and some grippy tyres, but that’s a rendering for another day...

The crew cab and off-road versions would be more like lifestyle vehicles, while the vehicle in the rendering would be a more utilitarian proposition. Aimed at businesses more so than trendy city folk, it would make a lot of sense given that the cargo van version (pictured below) has already been designed with maximising the load volume in mind.

Gallery: ID. Buzz Cargo (2023)

Since the Buzz is coming to the United States only in long wheelbase form, that’s what I used as a basis for this rendering. There are no photos of the production Buzz with an extended wheelbase, but VW did show a longer concept and we believe it accurately predicts the LWB model’s length.

Furthermore, the long Buzz is expected to also get a larger battery pack, 111 kWh, so a long wheelbase pickup could also use it. EPA range with the big battery is expected to be around 270 miles (434 km) with a dual-motor setup; it could be higher in a more efficient single-motor configuration.