If there's one certainty in life, it's that Porsche is working on a new 911 version. Case in point, the 992.2 series will usher in the first-ever hybrid model and also the return of the Sport Classic. However, we're not here to discuss either as the facelifted model is going to receive a high-riding version, potentially called "Dakar" or "Safari." A new spy video shows the sports car on stilts as it's being tested in a winter wonderland.

Footage captured by CarSpyMedia shows Porsche rented a private road in Scandinavia on a recent Tuesday between 1 PM and 6 PM. It did so not just for the 911 on stilts, but a whole fleet of Cayenne prototypes. Right from the get-go, you can tell it's not your typical rear-engined machine from Zuffenhausen since there's quite a bit of gap in the wheel well. This is a sign of a longer suspension travel and added ground clearance compared to the low-slung machine.

Gallery: Porsche 911 Safari Facelift Spy Photos

The black paint makes it a bit tricky to spot the finer details, but eagle-eyed readers will notice the wing/fender flares as the adventurous 911 has chunky wheel arches. The sports car for the whole year is expected to have all-wheel drive as standard to enhance its all-weather capabilities. Consequently, the base car could be a Carrera 4S if not something with more oomph.

The rally-inspired Porsche has been undergoing testing for well over a year and should finally break cover later in 2022. It's unclear whether it will be a limited-run special edition or a permanent member of the ever-growing 911 lineup. The aftermarket scene is well-versed in high-riding builds, but some people would rather spend their money on an OEM product.

That won't stop the likes of Ruf, Gemballa, and Singer from coming out with their own visions of an outdoorsy 911, and Porsche is looking to cash in on the off-road craze as well. The Safari / Dakar won't obviously be a Defender or a G-Class, but it should have better all-terrain capabilities than the usual performance vehicle.

It's not just Porsche going down this road as another member of the VW Group will be doing the same. We're talking about Lamborghini and its upcoming Huracan Sterrato as well as the Urus ST-X.