Looking at the Aventador, it's hard to believe Lamborghini launched the edgy supercar 11 years ago. Yes, the platform has been milked through countless special editions, but the car itself doesn't seem that dated. While production of the V12 raging bull has ended, there's a chance it will be restarted in the wake of a fiery incident involving the Felicity Ace. The cargo ship eventually sank, taking along with it 4,000 high-end VW Group cars.

Meanwhile, our spies have caught the Aventador's replacement with significantly less camouflage than before. The running joke about the old flagship having a vent and doors is emphasised here by the sheer number of intakes and redesigned doors hosting a prominent upper character line. Those yellow stickers you see reconfirm the new Italian machine will be electrified while using an all-new V12.

Gallery: 2023 Lamborghini Aventador successor spy photos

Speaking of which, the engine bay appears to be exposed in some of the shots since we can see the coolant tank. Those quad tips are missing the pair of hexagonal exhaust finishers we saw in the original spy shots from December 2021. We can now take a better look at the Aventador successor with its massive rear diffuser fins and sleek Y-shaped taillights.

Taken from afar, one of the spy shots shows the side profile revealing a longer tail. Other images expose an interesting rear spoiler with trapezoidal elements above the exhaust tips. In addition, the C-pillar appears to be incorporating air ducts, accentuating an aero-driven exterior design. Hopefully, the new Lamborghini range topper won't look too busy once the camo will come off later this year.

Elsewhere, the pillars for the side mirrors appear to be shorter than before, while the front end is home to massive air intakes. This is likely only the base model, which means hotter derivatives will feature even more aggressive styling. It already looks quite angry, even if you compare it to that interesting yellow Audi R8.

The naturally aspirated V10 machine depicted in the first image is likely the track-focused variant we saw at the beginning of the year. It's a different prototype, but it does seem to have the same aero upgrades, including a different rear wing compared to the standard R8. It could very well be the last hurrah for the 5.2-litre engine since Audi has confirmed the supercar's successor will be an EV.