A bespoke Polski Fiat 126p owned by Tom Hanks sold for $83,500 (approx. £63,500) as part of a charity auction on Bring a Trailer. In 2017, Carlex Design personalised the car for the actor on behalf of the city of Bielsko-Biała, Poland. It was in response to a running joke Hanks had on social media (example below) where whenever he saw a 126, he posed with the vehicle and posted things like, "My new car."

Hanks' 126p features a pristine exterior, including an ultra-clean underbody. There are shiny chrome bumpers and painted wheels.

Gallery: Tom Hanks 1974 Polski Fiat 126p Auction

Things are more interesting on the inside. Carlex Design overhauled the cabin with light green leather with contrasting black strips. The buttons and switches have a silver flake finish so that they look more like typewriter keys because Hanks collects vintage typewriters. The gearshift knob features the symbol of the Bielsko-Biała, which is the original production location for the Polski Fiat 126p.

Gallery: Fiat 126p For Tom Hanks By Carlex Design

Below the speedometer, there's the message "Bielsko-Biała for Tom Hanks." On the centre of the dashboard, there's a metal plaque with a personalised note for Hanks. Also, Hanks signed the driver door panel inside the vehicle.

The powertrain remains stock. A two-cylinder engine displaces 594 cubic centimetres and runs through a four-speed manual gearbox.


According to the auction listing, the 126p received a service in November 2021 that included a new battery and work on the fuel system, brakes, and axles. The sale also included a pair of bespoke driving gloves in a white and light green colour scheme to match the car.

The car garnered 36 bids, and the auction proceeds benefited the Hidden Heroes Campaign. The group provides support to the spouses, parents, and loved ones who care for wounded service members or veterans. Tom Hanks is the chairperson of the organisation.

Last year, Hanks auctioned a few of his other vehicles. He got rid of a customised 1992 Airstream Model 34 Limited Excella that he had used during the filming of all of his movies from Sleepless in Seattle in 1993 to The Circle in 2017. It brought $235,200 including buyer's premium.

He also got rid of a Toyota FJ40 built by Icon 4x4. It sold for $123,200 after the premium.