BMW is scheduled to launch M4 CSL, this year, and now we have information as to when it will be happening. According to BMWBLOG, the BMW M4 CSL's launch is scheduled for May. The exact date isn't disclosed though, as well as the source of information.

The BMW M4 CSL has been caught by our spies since last year, giving us a tease of what the hotter M4 is going to be like. Among the questions that need to be answered would be the 3.0-litre power unit and the output numbers it will deliver.

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While exact numbers aren't out yet, we can expect BMW to boost the M4 CSL to top the 503 bhp available in the M4 Competition. It could be somewhere around the 550-bhp mark, but the most important thing is that the M4 CSL will be substantially lighter than the regular M4.

By how much? We'll know exactly during its debut in May, but the lighter bodywork and deletion of rear seats should account for more than 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of weight savings. That said, expect exceptional performance from the M4 CSL given the increase in power and its extensive diet regime.

Meanwhile, previous reports suggest that the M4 CSL will be coming exclusively with RWD and an automatic gearbox. The former is actually a good thing since purists clamour for this drivetrain for the stripped-down M4. The latter, however, is a rather disappointing one, though we can cling to the hope that nothing's confirmed at this point.

We'll know the truth about the BMW M4 CSL in a few months when it debuts in May. A lesser BMW M4 CS is expected to follow next year, while the first-ever M3 Touring will arrive towards the end of 2022.