Here's a quick timeline of the Nissan Z thus far. In May 2020 the world got its first official teaser that yes, a new Nissan sportscar was coming. Jump ahead a few months to September 2020, where we saw the Z Proto revealed. Nissan said it was a near-production prototype, and it was very near production. When the official Z finally broke cover nearly a year after that – in August 2021 – it was a virtual clone to the Proto.

Now, we are about to enter March 2022 and the 400-bhp Z still isn't among us. Nissan has been rather shy about committing to an on-sale date, but a Nissan dealership may have forced the automaker's hand. A recent post at the New Nissan Z forum claims to show a timeline coming from an unnamed Nissan dealership, outlining the next few months for the Z. If it's accurate, production should start in March with sales beginning in June.

The longer answer offers a bit more detail, but not with regards to specific dates. The alleged timeline shows a pre-launch period that we're in now. That certainly lines up with Nissan's elaborate Super Bowl commercial prominently featuring the Z in an action-style film. Following the start of production in March comes media first drives in April, and that could line up with the New York Auto Show scheduled for April 15 - 24. A Nissan North America field meeting is listed on the timeline for May, followed by sales in June and a marketing campaign launching in August.

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We know the new Z will go on sale this year. That much is certain, but with semiconductor shortages still plaguing the entire auto industry, pinning down a specific timeframe for Z production could be easier said than done. Add in the global ramifications of Russia invading Ukraine and there's most definitely some volatility in the auto market right now. If our Z Proto first look is any indication, however, it should be a delectable performance machine that's worth the wait.