A bespoke Audi RS E-Tron GT is Ken Block's new daily driver. The electric saloon is the star of his new Electric Fleet six-part video series.

Block's RS E-Tron GT features a matte white body wrap with black trim. His co-host in this video says that it looks like a stormtrooper from Star Wars.

Gallery: Ken Block Audi RS E-Tron GT

The wheels are a matching white colour but have a mismatched design. Block's fans on Instagram picked out the pieces. Their first choice was with the six-spoke NGO design, and Block put them on the back. In front, they chose the turbo-style Aerodisc model.

Rotiform made the wheels custom for Block's RS E-Tron GT because the company didn't yet have the mass-produced parts to fit the new Audi.

For regular driving, Block has Toyo Sport tyres wrapped around the wheels. He plans to mount Toyo Celsius all-season rubber when going through the mountains.

The carrier on the roof is an Audi accessory. Block is using it for holding his snowboard and boots.

Mechanically, this RS E-Tron GT is stock. This means its dual-motor electric powertrain makes 590 bhp (440 kilowatts) and 612 pound-feet (830 Newton-metres) of torque. The system can temporarily boost the output to 637 hp (475 kilowatts). Audi's official specs say the four-door can reach 60 miles per hour (96 kilometres per hour) in 3.1 seconds and hit a top speed of 155 mph (249 kph).

In the video, Block said he hasn't yet driven his RS E-Tron GT yet. At the very end of the clip, we see him driving it out of the garage. The content for the rest of the Electric Fleet video series is unclear.

A portion of the clip's YouTube description says: "It's the perfect fit for me, my family, and all the wild snowboard adventures that I partake in here in Utah on the daily basis." This makes us think the rest of the series might be showing how Block uses the performance EV in the real world.

In 2021, Block announced a partnership with Audi. The company is building him the Audi S1 E-Tron Quattro Hoonitron. The high-performance EV will be the star of the next Gymkhana video that goes by the title Electrikhana.