We were quite surprised when we saw a prototype of the Porsche Panamera testing with a different front fascia last month. While this could be indicative of an extensive facelift, the more likely scenario seems to be a brand new generation of the luxury saloon. Simply put, the car we saw a few weeks ago could be an early test mule for the next-gen Panamera.

Porsche is known for the long development times of its new vehicles and it shouldn’t come as a surprise it is already working on the new Panamera. The current one was refreshed for the 2021 model year and we assume it has at least two more years on the market. If the folks from Stuttgart continue to follow their schedule of updates every four years, this will mean the brand new Panamera won’t arrive until 2024.

Our friends and colleagues from Motor.es were kind enough to share this exclusive rendering with us. It depicts the next-gen Panamera and is based on the spy photos from February this year. Obviously, it’s way too early to tell whether this preview is accurate, though we know it follows strictly the design changes seen on the test prototype.

As you can see, we don’t expect a radical departure in the silhouette as the Panamera is likely going to retain its hatchback-like rear end. The dimensions will grow slightly and the overall profile could evolve into a sleeker-looking car. Slightly shorter overhangs could create a sportier stance.

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With the Taycan serving as the Panamera’s all-electric brother, we expect the new Panamera to keep the combustion engine alive. However, according to early and unconfirmed rumours, all available powertrains will be plug-in hybrids with the most powerful competing directly against the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance.

More information is expected in the coming months, though we doubt we will start seeing test prototypes with production bodies before 2023.