There are still several months separating today, and the day Audi reveals the redesigned E-Tron and E-Tron Sportback crossovers. Rumours point to the automaker giving the pair a thorough mid-cycle redesign that goes a bit beyond the typical front and rear restyle, like Audi potentially renaming it to the Q8 E-Tron.

We’ll have to wait for Audi to confirm that, but until then, new spy shots show off what some of those visual changes will look like when the new model debuts later this year.

The new shots show the sleek crossover with a different camouflage pattern on the front, and a close inspection reveals a few other differences. The grille more closely resembles the one Audi introduced last year on the Q4 E-Tron. It looks to feature a closed-off design, which we would expect on an electric vehicle, but the covering could be a trick of the cladding. The lower bumper intake openings are also conspicuously covered up.

Gallery: Audi E-Tron Sportback Spy Photos

Our spy photographers haven’t captured the interior, but rumours point to Audi giving it a big update, too. The dash could feature a single display that houses the infotainment screen and the digital instrument cluster. Another area Audi will allegedly improve is the powertrain, installing better batteries and the electric motors, which should increase the model’s range and efficiency. We’ll likely have to wait until the full reveal to learn specifics.

Audi hasn’t announced a reveal date for the refreshed crossover. However, we expect Audi to introduce the redesigned E-Tron before the end of the year, with the model reaching European dealers in early 2023 before arriving in the US. The refreshed looks, updated interior, and improved powertrain should keep the E-Tron fresh as new competitors enter the segment. The E-Tron and E-Tron Sportback will get a significant, next-gen redesign in the middle of the decade, along with officially being renamed the Q8 E-Tron.