We’ve driven the BMW i4 and even though it is based on the ICE 4 Series Gran Coupe, it’s still a great EV. It is also more or less of a direct rival for the compact electric saloon king, the Tesla Model 3, even if spec for spec, the BMW is a bit more expensive (and a slightly bigger car too).

CarGurus UK tried out these two electric saloons back to back on some country roads, and in a test like that, the BMW’s superior driver engagement shone through. Even though it is heavier and slower, the i4 delivers more enjoyment for a keen driver thanks to its more communicative and tactile steering, as well as the more refined feeling suspension setup (at least with the optional adaptive dampers).

The interior is also a cut above the Tesla’s when it comes to perceived quality, and it is not lacking for tech either. It is not quite as practical as the Tesla, even though it’s a hatchback, because it does not offer a frunk, and if you spec the optional sound system, that adds a subwoofer in the underfloor compartment in the boot, leaving no room for charging cables - the Tesla not only has a big compartment, but you can always use the frunk for cable storage.

They pick the BMW i4 as the winner of this head to head comparison, saying it is a better, more conventional car, although they do note that with access to the Supercharger network, owning a Tesla is probably easier for most people. However, now that Tesla is beginning to allow other EVs to plug into its Superchargers, maybe that advantage won’t be as big for Tesla going forward.