With over a century of automotive history, Morgan remains a boutique automaker that has craftspeople handle the various stages of vehicle production. This video highlights how the company builds its cars by flying a drone through the workshop.

The video starts in a showroom with a wood-panelled floor, and the first vehicle that's visible is a 3 Wheeler, which now has a replacement on the way. The drone then flies out of the door and goes into a workshop. The cars inside don't have bodies, so we can see the aluminium platform that the company's modern products use. Farther down the line, there are a bunch of machines in an even earlier stage of production.

Gallery: Morgan Plus Four LM62

The next room appears to be where Morgan applies the body panels to the vehicles. There's a row of in-progress cars on one side of the hall. The folks on the other side are prepping the exterior pieces to get them ready to install.

We fly through the next hall and into the area where Morgan creates the wooden frame that forms the space for the interior of the company's vehicles. The video doesn't spend long in here, but the brief bit shows how much lumber still goes into building the automaker's models.

After a brief trip outside, the drone enters another workshop. Here, the vehicles are in a more advanced state of production. Workers are cutting and fitting the upholstery pieces. Other folks are stretching fabric over the roofs for the convertible models.

On the other side of this room, vehicles appear to be receiving the final touches to complete their production. We don't get to see much of them, but the few cars here look ready to hit the road.

Nearby this area, the drone flies through the paint shop. Various panels are hanging on the walls and are stacked on stands.

The next space is large and appears like it might be for working on special vehicles because there are several examples of the rugged-looking Morgan CX-T in this area. Their external roll cages and spare wheels on the rear deck are what make these cars so noticeable.

The final space we see holds even more special vehicles. This time, they are mostly the Morgan Plus Four LM62 that celebrates the brand's victory in the 2.0-litre category of the 1962 24 Hours of LeMans. Like the original racer, these machines wear a white roundel with 29 in the middle on the front wings/fenders. The automaker is producing just 62 of them.