The original Tesla Roadster is quickly becoming a collector's item. It's estimated that, after several fires and accidents, only around 2,000 are still in existence. Given Tesla's dramatic rise to the top of the automotive industry, prices for its first production car are now soaring.

Gruber Motors, an independent service and sales company that specialises in Teslas, recently sold a 2008 Roadster through their portal for "well over" $250,000 (approx. £186,000). VIN013 had just 840 miles on it when listed - a staggeringly low amount for a 14-year old vehicle. This combination of low vin and low mileage resulted in such a high asking price, with the owner originally accepting an offer of $250,000 before receiving numerous other bids over his asking. Although he didn't want to disclose the final sale price, its understood to be significantly over the original listing.  

However, this isn't the first exorbitantly priced Roadster on Gruber's site. Numerous other Roadsters are currently listed for over $200,000 (£150,000). Meanwhile, this 2010 Tesla Roadster in Basalt, Colorado is currently asking $330,000 (£250,000). For that money you could pre-order a second-gen Tesla Roadster and get a new Model X Plaid as well. The Electric Blue 2010 Roadster has just 592 miles - Gruber Motors says its the the "Lowest Mileage Roadster we have ever seen". Even crazier is VIN005. One of the original 11 Roadsters built in the UK by Lotus, its for sale for $1,250,000 (£932,000). 

Roadster prices vary wildly, with high mileage examples now starting at around $100,000 (£75,000). Its a far cry from a few years back when you could easily find a nice 2008 car for under $60,000 (£45,000). When new the Roadster started at $120,000 (£90,000) meanwhile an update for 2010 saw range boosted to over 200 miles and 0-60 mph cut to just 3.7 seconds.

As for the all-new Roadster, when it will arrive remains to be seen - but Tesla CEO Elon Musk is hopeful production will begin in 2023