Snowstorms are probably the worst weather condition one can ever drive on. Roads filled with slippery snow and the uncomfortable feeling of freezing temperatures aren't exactly ideal for drivers to brave through. We've seen several accident involving motor vehicles during snowstorms before and we're telling you, they're not pretty.

That's why people are encouraged to stay at home during this hazardous weather condition. And if they had to, there are several precautions recommended, including the use of winter tyres, staying within speed limits, or at least having a roof to shield you from natural elements.

But not this Mazda MX-5 driver, seen coasting on the eastbound side of Route 2 in Templeton, Massachusetts at 8:00 a.m. local time. In fact, this driver gave zero care, he decided to drive through a snowstorm with his roof down. According to reports, up to a foot of snow was expected to fall in the said area.

If the question is "which car does the craziest driver of 2021 is driving?" then yes, MX-5 is always the answer.

As seen on the video, courtesy of Trent Spinney and CBS Boston USA the roadster was cruising nonchalantly on the thoroughfare with all the snow and other elements getting inside the two-seater cabin. You'll also notice that he's fishtailing, which was a painful sight to see. This could mean that he's just soldiering on despite the precarious situation.

To be fair, we're not sure what's on this driver's mind or what's his situation during this ordeal. Maybe his roof mechanism malfunctioned or maybe he's on his way to a more compelling emergency.

One thing's for sure – wherever he's headed to, the situation's more important than his own safety and his car's survival. However, in the name of safety, please don't try this stunt whatever the reason may be.