There's only one Bugatti La Voiture Noire in the world, and it's already been delivered to an owner who remains anonymous. If you're kicking yourself for not stepping up on that extremely expensive purchase, perhaps a 24-karat gold sculpture would make a good consolation prize? Better act fast, because there's only one of these, too.

Working with London-based jeweler Asprey, this hand-crafted gold sculpture of the one-off La Voiture Noire is itself a one-off that faithfully recreates the special hypercar. Mounted on a snazzy base with monograms of Bugatti and Asprey, it offers everything an elite Bugatti enthusiast could want and perhaps a bit more. This gold Bugatti also comes with an NFT, linked visually and via QR code to the sculpture. In fact, Bugatti says the NFT will be the highest-value portion of this collection. Considering the sculpture is literally solid gold, the automaker is banking heavily on the current NFT craze.

Bugatti La Voiture Noire Asprey Sculpture

For those sad about just one sculpture being made, fear not. Only one gold sculpture is in the works, but it will serve as the flagship for a collection of smaller silver La Voiture Noires. Specifically, 261 will be made and yes, each one will also have an NFT tied to it. Not only that, folks who buy one of these sculptures will have access to a special website where they can watch the sculpture being made. Ah, to live the one-percentre life.

How much does all this cost? The first rule of Bugatti lifestyle is to never ask what it costs, because if you must ask, you know you can't afford it. For that matter, Bugatti's announcement isn't entirely clear whether the gold sculpture is even available for purchase. If we were the owner of the real La Voiture Noire, we'd certainly at least want first dibs on the gold sculpture. As for the 261 silver ones, Bugatti doesn't offer any information on buying those, either. Perhaps more information will be available when the collection is officially released in March at