The Galaxy S22 is the latest smartphone from Samsung, and the want is strong for many people. It's the company's flagship phone, lining up against the Apple iPhone 13. Before you start wondering if we changed our name from Motor1 to Smartphone1, there is a notable automotive connection here. And it comes with Mercedes-Benz. Allegedly, anyway.

A few days ago an interesting photo appeared on Twitter. It was shared by @GaryeonHan and showed all kinds of gear adorned with Mercedes-Benz logos. A translation of the tweet labelled the image as the Galaxy S22 Ultra Mercedes EQ Edition.


At this point, there's not much information available regarding this Merc-infused phone. There's nothing official; nosing around the internet we found a report from GSMArena referencing two special-edition kits for the S22. One is called the Mark & Lona edition but obviously, our attention turns to the Mercedes edition. The phone will apparently come in a special box with a custom phone case, keychain, cardholder, and other accessories we can't identify. Naturally, the three-pointed star is everywhere, and the fade pattern on some items resembles the grille seen on electric EQ models. contacted Mercedes-Benz in search of details, but we've yet to receive a response. As such, there's no word yet on pricing or availability  –  the tweet appears to come from a South Korean account and there's some speculation these offerings could be region-specific. There's also no word on how deep this potential partnership goes or if it will yield additional Mercedes swag in the future.

Mercedes-Benz is certainly no stranger when it comes to interesting items decidedly not of the automotive nature. We've seen Cigarette off-shore powerboats with Mercedes-AMG branding. Of course there's special Mercedes luggage and AMG badged watches. Most recently we came upon an interesting collaboration with a custom shoe designer who created silver-trimmed Air Jordan sneakers with a prominent Mercedes logo.