Just like with the modern music scene, in the modern automotive industry - or, rather, the transportation industry in general - it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to define different categories and genres. It’s trendy to mix vehicles of different segments into something completely new but Latvian start-up Zeltini has taken this idea to a whole new level. Friends, meet the Z-Triton, a bike, boat, and camper in one.

We don’t even know how to describe this creation - the design is unique and unlike anything we’ve seen before. The three-in-one vehicle allows you to explore the world on land and water, and even offers room for sleeping. In tricycle form, you can either pedal or use electricity to power the pair of 250-watt motors. There’s room for two grown-ups.

Gallery: Z-Triton

Turning the Z-Triton into a boat is an easy job. All you have to do is lift up the wheels of the bike, inflate and attach stabilisers, lower the electric boat motor from the cabin, and off you go. Zeltini says the entire procedure takes less than five minutes. And don’t worry about running out of electric energy for the motor - there are attachable oars as an alternative way of propelling the Z-Triton. 

Last but not least, there’s also a camper mode. The best thing about it is that it works both on land and water, which basically means you can spend the night in the middle of a lake. The Latvian company promises it’s spacious enough for two grown-ups to sleep comfortably. There’s a solar panel on the roof that provides energy for the built-in Bluetooth speaker. Probably the weirdest feature, however, is the pot on the roof that allows you to take your favourite plant on a trip with you.

Zeltini is already selling the Z-Triton in selected European markets. The starting price is €14,500 (excluding VAT and shipping), about £12,100 at the current exchange rates, and the company intends to start shipping units worldwide soon.