Stellantis had a conference call yesterday to talk about its full 2021 results, but the documentation has already been made available on its website. We won't bore you with the financial figures, although we should say it had a great year. So much so that employees are getting bonuses with a total value of €1.9 billion (about £1.6 billion at current exchange rates).

On page 16 of the lengthy document, Stellantis has included an updated product roadmap for plug-in hybrids, fuel cell electric models, and battery-powered EVs. The first two columns (after the one showing the logos) provide an overall look at what it's currently offering. The following two outline the plans for this year and 2023. From top to bottom, the Alfa Romeo Tonale has already been revealed with a PHEV setup featuring 271 bhp and all-wheel drive.

2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale Veloce Front Angle On Road
Alfa Romeo Tonale
2021 Citroen C5 X
Citroën C5 X

Details about the two Citroën models are shrouded in mystery, although some say one is a next-generation C3 with electric propulsion. The boldly styled midsize C5 X has already been revealed as a high-riding estate fitted with a PHEV arrangement rated at 225 bhp and with a 31-mile (50-kilometres) electric range.

The plug-in hybrid Dodge is quite likely a rebadged Tonale since photos from the assembly line have emerged, showing the Hornet name and almost the same design as the Italian sporty crossover.

As for the Fiat, our money is on a replacement for the ageing-but-still-cute Panda. It was originally previewed nearly three years ago by the Centoventi concept, so it's high time for the small car to get a next generation. It's one that will bring an EV setup, and we're hoping it will be just as adorable as the showcar before it.

Jeep SUV EV based on STLA Large platform
Jeep EV SUV Teased By Stellantis During 2021 EV Day
Jeep SUV EV based on STLA Large platform
Jeep EV SUV Teased By Stellantis During 2021 EV Day

This is where the roadmap gets a bit interesting as aside from showing the Grand Cherokee 4xe, Stellantis is reconfirming a Jeep EV that will be launched by the end of 2023. There are a few scenarios that spring to mind regarding its identity: a production-ready Wrangler Magneto, the STLA Large-based large SUV, or a sub-Renegade model.

Jeep hasn't said a word about launching the Wrangler Magneto while the STLA Frame platform for the "very capable Jeep off-roading white space opportunity vehicle" might not be ready in this timeframe. Excluding these two, it leaves us with the long-rumoured tiny crossover Stellantis is expected to build in Poland together with equivalent versions from Fiat and Alfa Romeo. The latter has already confirmed a sub-Tonale model, likely to be called Brenerro. These won't be EV-only vehicles since they'll also be sold with combustion engines.

Moving on, we've known for a while the yet-to-be-revealed Maserati Grecale crossover and GranTurismo / GranCabrio replacements would get a pure EV setup.

The Opel/Vauxhall Astra in hatchback and estate flavours has been revealed already with a PHEV setup shared with the equivalent Peugeot 308 models listed right below in the roadmap.

Peugeot 3008 Coupe teaser
Peugeot P54

The last car is a bit of a mystery, although we think it's a coupe-styled crossover based on the 308 but different than the 3008. Some refer to it as the 4008, which wouldn't be a new name since Mitsubishi made a subcompact crossover for the French brand based on its ASX between 2012 and 2017.

We know for a fact Peugeot has teased a new model codenamed "P54" assigned to the Mulhouse factory, and it might very well be a plug-in hybrid coupe-crossover mashup to rival the Renault Arkana.