America was built for the automobile. Roads crisscross the country, and there’s plenty of open land left for those who want to enjoy some off-road fun. There are dedicated spaces for rock crawling, drag racing, and other vehicular antics, so there’s no reason to deliberately trash someone else’s property. However, that’s what one Ford Bronco joyrider did in San Diego when he drove into the Padres’ baseball park.

Video of the incident shared with The San Diego Union-Tribune shows the new Ford driving across the dirt-covered field, leaving dark ruts in the ground. According to the publication, the incident happened just before 10 a.m. on Friday when the driver entered the ballpark through a tunnel.

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The grounds crew on site, which was preparing the park for the possible upcoming baseball season, quickly blocked the tunnel with a forklift, cutting off the Bronco’s only exit. The video shows the grounds crew “apprehending” the driver, who eventually ends his joyride. The confrontation between the driver and grounds crew didn’t appear aggressive in the video, with the crew sitting the man on the ground next to the Bronco as security arrives.

The San Diego Union-Tribune didn’t get a lot of information from the San Diego police about the incident. However, the police confirmed the event transpired and that officers arrested the man for felony vandalism, which could carry heavy fines and even jail time. The police did not release the driver’s name.

It’s completely unclear what the driver was thinking driving onto the ball field, but we know there are plenty of other places he could have gone if we wanted to get the Bronco’s tyres dirty. The few minutes of off-road joy the driver experienced will likely lead to years of legal headaches. Let this be a lesson – keep the vehicular fun where it’s legal to have it.