€127,000 – that's the starting price of a brand-new Audi RS6 Avant in Germany. Fixing this super estate after an impromptu bath is going to cost almost as much. The soaking C8-gen family hauler from Ingolstadt comes with a six-figure repair bill, according to the police, after the driver/diver unintentionally decided to give it a thorough washing.

The accident took place last Thursday morning, February 17, following a driver error causing the AMG E63 Estate competitor to jump into the Neckar river in Germany. It happened near Gundelsheim, a town in the district of Heilbronn in Baden-Württemberg located in southern Germany. It wasn't until Sunday when eyewitness Maik Roth noticed the long-roof Audi sleeping with the fishes. He promptly alerted the water police.

The Heilbronn fire department also arrived at the scene with its sonar to detect any potential bits and pieces that might have detached from the RS6 after its unwanted swimming experience. Footage published by STIMME.tv shows the high-performance Avant being rescued from the water using a crane attached to the water police's ship.

The speedy estate touched the ground and then the police got to work to investigate what went wrong. You haven't seen the underside of a latest-generation RS6, now is the perfect opportunity. Local media reports there was nothing wrong with the Audi (well, before sinking) as the accident was entirely the driver's fault. He parked the car next to a slipway to go to the bathroom. After returning to his 591-bhp machine carrying the Four Rings, he somehow drove off into the water. Pedal mishap maybe?

Thankfully, he managed to get out of the sunken car in time to reach the shore on his own. The 37-year-old driver is safe and sound, albeit he experienced quite the shock and did suffer from a bit of hypothermia. Now that the police's investigation is over, the flooded Audi RS6 Avant will be heading to the dealer.

Will it ever run again?