Even though today’s cars are far more sophisticated than they were 30 years ago, current vehicles are generally more reliable. Yes, a lot more things could go wrong, but with proper maintenance and quality replacement parts, modern cars can outlive their owners. Still, there's something honest about the simplicity of an older vehicle before the advancement in technology turned them into rolling computers.

Missouri man Jim O'Shea is an old-fashioned person without the need to change his car once every few years as many of us do. He has had this 740 GLE from day one, purchased new a little over 30 years ago. At that time, his father and uncle were managing a Ford dealership, and yet he went home with a Volvo. He made a promise to hit one million miles with the boxy saloon and achieved the milestone back in November.

Now, his loyalty is being rewarded by Volvo Cars USA. He stopped by the West County Volvo dealership where he received the keys to a brand-new S60 Saloon. Interestingly, the dealer’s general manager Stephen Lynch is the very same person who sold him the 740 GLE in 1991: “We’re just excited to be able to take care of Jim and get him into a new car. He earned it, and we couldn’t be happier for him.”

The black midsize saloon is a long-term loaner car as Jim O'Shea will get to drive it for two years, with everything from maintenance and insurance covered. It’s technically a 24-month Care by Volvo all-inclusive subscription plan, and while it’s not a permanent gift, it is a nice gesture from the automaker and an efficient marketing move.

If you don’t recall reading about this car in November 2021, the 740 GLE was never involved in an accident, albeit Jim’s wife hit it in the driveway three times. The original engine was replaced at 585,000 miles (941,466 kilometres) and a couple of gearboxes also had to be installed after years of extensive use. He pledged to his father he would revert the odometer to show 000000 again and kept his promise. Sadly, his father passed away before Jim "could rub it in his face."

It's far from being the highest-mileage Volvo in the world as you might remember a red 1966 P1800 with a whopping 3.25 million miles (5.23 million kilometres). To this day, it holds the Guinness World Record for the highest mileage achieved by a non-commercial vehicle.