Ford premiered the all-new Mondeo in China about a month ago. Unfortunately for mid-size saloon buyers in the UK, it seems that there are no plans to sell the fifth-generation model outside China. Ford even made it official that the car won't make it to Europe per our friends from Germany.

But a few weeks before its premiere, the redesigned Mondeo made a surprise appearance in Michigan. At the time, we said that we shouldn't expect this car to arrive in showrooms since Ford has decided to discontinue the Mondeo moniker in Europe. However, the saloon popped up again with reader Kyle Swensen, snapping photos of it sitting in a car park.

Ford Mondeo Spied in US again 3

We're thankful for Kyle's submission, and the photos might give us some hints about the car's odds of being offered here after all. That said, the model appears to be the same one spied back in January. It even has the Chinese badge on the trunk lid like the last set of photos published. However, the saloon is wearing manufacturer number plates this time around.

Ford Mondeo Spied in US again 2

Does this mean the Mondeo is coming to the UK? Not necessarily. It wouldn't be the first time a car not destined for the UK or US to wear manufacturer plates. Chances are, it is undergoing evaluation of sorts. It is unknown what kind of testing the Mondeo is going through or its purpose on US soil. Either way, don't get your hopes up for this model joining the European or North American lineup.

Changan Ford has not released full details of the redesigned Mondeo. However, we know that the car is slightly longer and wider than the outgoing model by 63 mm and 23 mm, respectively. The badges on the car hint that one of the engine options includes a 2.0-litre Ecoboost that's good for 245 bhp. The all-new Mondeo rides on the C2 platform that underpins models such as the Escape, Bronco Sport, and Maverick.